Automated Wire Bond Line

Wire Bond Line by Martek Automation 2024

1500U Magazine Unloader  /  FC1000-PC Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner  /  CM500-PH Preheat Station  /  OEM Wire Bonder  /  CM500-CS Cooling Station  /  1500D Magazine Loader

Today’s competitive industrial environment requires advanced, trouble-free, automated assembly processes that can provide cost-efficient, high-quality products. The increasing demand for hands off assembly as well as precise and repeatable processes to meet the demands of advanced applications for micro-electronic devices are driving the need for automated processes. 

Martek can integrate your current OEM Wire Bonder into the line if it has a SMEMA compatible conveyor. For new lines, we can work with your OEM of choice to ensure successful integration into the automation line. 

Martek’s Automated Wire Bond Line includes:

          • Magazine Unloader for buffering high quantities of product and moving them onto the line.
          • Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner for cleaning the bond surfaces with ionized plasma gas while eliminating the need for complex mechanization of vacuum chambers.
          • Pre-Heat Station (optional) for bringing the package up to process temperature pre wire bond.
          • Cooling Station (optional) for bringing the package back to ambient temperature post wire bond.
          • Inspection Station post wire bond (optional, not pictured). Manual or automated optical inspection available.
          • Magazine Loader for moving the processed product back into magazines.

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