Preheat & Post Cool

Pre-process heating is important for preparing parts and components for heated process application, and post-process cooling is often required for operator handling or post-process operations.

Standard Features

Safety Enclosure

The CE design fully encloses moving components for maximum safety.

Adjustable Widths

The BC1200 design can be configured for many styles of magazines with a 2 stack magazine capacity (for Std. Auer type Magazines).

Max Magazine Length: 12″
Max Magazine Width: 6″

Handles All Types of Carriers and Devices

Martek Automation has experience feeding all types of devices, including: PCBs, Lead Frames, Ceramic Substrates, Auer Boats, and machined process carriers.

Heavy Duty Welded Construction

Our heavy duty welded steel frame construction ensures maximum rigidity and reliability of critical alignments.

Small Footprint

One of the smallest footprints in the automation industry.

SMEMA Compatible

SMEMA interface with adjacent systems.

3 Operation Modes: FIFO/LIFO

Receives parts from the upstream and feeds them out to the downstream in a selectable FIFO or LIFO process.

3 Operation Modes: Load Only

Receives parts in but does not feed them out so the operator can physically remove them.

3 Operation Modes: Unload Only

The operator physically puts the magazines with parts in the system and it feeds them out, but no parts are allowed in. Can also be used to re-introduce rework parts when used as a Reject Parts Sorter. In addition, the input conveyor has a selectable pause for inspection feature.

1130UD-CE Specifications

Magazine Capacity

3.1″ boat Qty. 8

4.3” boat Qty. 6

5.4” boat Qty. 4

6.0” boat Qty. 4

Magazine Dimensions

Max Length 12″

Min Width 2″

Max Width 6″




110 / 220 VAC
10 AMP Service



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