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Machined Process Carriers


Process carriers are most often made from stamped metal.  While these carriers are desirable for their cost basis there are instances where they become a process liability due to lack of part positioning accuracy. In addition, warpage from thermal cycling can cause the carriers to improperly feed through your material handling systems. This can be a major cost to production throughput.  A properly designed and machined carrier can add value to your production line due to the high accuracy location of parts and elimanation of warpage from thermal cycling. 

Special Features

Durability and Longevity

When precision and reliability are the main factors, Machined Carriers meet your process needs. These carriers can be thermally cycled without changing flatness or accuracy. Some of our customers have had their carriers in process for 15 years without any noticeable changes. All styles and sizes of carriers are available. We have extensive experience in the Micro Electronics industry and are available to discuss a solution that meets your process needs.

Support for Multiple Parts, Substrates and Magazines

We custom design carriers for most parts and magazine styles.

Semi and Fully Automated Conveyance Systems

When combined with Martek Automation’s magazines and automated feed systems you can leverage the maximum benefit of automating your production line with conveyorized material handling systems.

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