The BC1200 Inline Buffer Conveyor accumulates product when a downstream system is not available in order to keep your line running smoothly.  Our design provides maximum flexibility 3 modes of operation: LIFO/FIFO, Load Only and Unload Only.  In addition the input conveyor includes a Pause for inspection feature.


Inline Access and Removable Magazine with Unlimited Buffering

Remove parts from or insert parts into your conveyorized production line using Martek Automation’s removable extruded magazine design.  This capability provides you with an infinite buffering capacity and allows for operating the downstream and upstream independent of each other when necessary, such as when maintenance is required.

Multiple Modes of Operation for Maximum Flexibility

LIFO / FIFO BUFFER Select either LIFO or FIFO buffering while receiving parts from the upstream and passing them through to the downstream.  Parts are buffered when the downstream is operating more slowly than the upstream.
OUT ONLY Load magazines filled with buffer parrts to insert the parts back into the downstream..
IN ONLY Buffer parts from the upstream line when the downstream line is not operating.  Unload full magazines and load empty magazine for unlimted buffering and use with OUT ONLY to reinsert the buffer parts when the downstream line is operating again.


Pause for Inspection

Pause the parts at the input conveyor for visual inspection.  The design easily integrates optional add-on equipment for visual inspection of your parts.

Quality Construction and Design

Martek Automation uses heavy duty steel welded frames in all of our products to ensure rigidity and to maintain crutical alignment with your conveyorized production line. This eleminates jams that can occur during part transfer between equipment.  Furthermore we strive to incorporate simple, compact designs to maximize form and function.

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface and PLC Controls

Martek customers rave about the simple to understand, intuitive operation of our machines.  We pride ourselves in creating human machine interfaces and controls that are intuitive and ready to operate out of the box.

Support for Multiple Carriers, Substrates and Magazines

The BC1200 Buffer Conveyor is designed and configurable for a wide variety of parts, magazines and substrates.  We can easily integrate into your conveyorized production line.

Optional Features

Optional vision / optical inspection systems for the input conveyor

Integrated barcode scanners on the upstream and downstream


Magazine Capacity 2 Magazines ( Auer Type )
Communication SMEMA
Conveyor Width 2″ to 5.4″
Dimensions 32.5″ wide x 22 ” deep x 37.5″ height
Power 110 / 220 VAC, 50/60Hz SINGLE PHASE and 5 / 10 AMP Service


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