The best process equipment ROI depends on quality automated material handling systems.

Efficient and effective Automated Material Handling is crucial to your production throughput.  The ROI of your application development and process equipment is lost when the automated material handling doesn’t consistently and accurately move parts through your manufacturing line.  

Martek Automation is an industry expert, designing and building the best automated material handling equipment for the semiconductor back-end assembly industry.

Magazine Handlers

Featuring the highest magazine capacity and UPH with one of the smallest footprints on the market

Martek Automation Split and Combine Conveyor 1400SC

Split & Combine

One to three or three to one

Buffer Conveyors

Keep the conveyorized product line running balanced and smoothly

Martek Automation BC1200 Buffer Conveyor
Process Carriers and magazines in a feed transaction designed by Martek Automation with their special tooling service.

Process Carriers
& Magazines

The backbone of semi and fully automated material handling and conveyance systems

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Industry leaders in the design and development of automated assembly, material handling, and process equipment

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