Our goal is to establish mutually beneficial relationships built on quality and service to our customers. To our testament, Martek Automation has ongoing business relationships with some customers of up to 15 years with completed project numbers ranging from 25 to over 100.


Customer Sampling

Abbot Vascular Devices - Temecula, CA
Abbot Diagnostics - PuertoRico
Abbot Ireland - Ireland
Advanced Bionics - Valencia, CA
Biosite Incorporated - San Diego , CA
Hewlett-Packard - Corvallis, OR*
Infineon Technologies - Morgan Hill, CA
Medtronic - Tempe, AZ
Systron Donner Inertial Division - Concord, CA *
Texas Instruments - Tuscon, AZ

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Systron Donner Inertial Division
Concord, California
Product: CM1000, 1110U/D, M1200, Machined Carriers,
and custom material handling and test systems

We are a high rate manufacturer of MEMS sensors and have been using Martek Automation as our turn-key solutions provider since 1995.

They have provided us over 80 standard and customized equipment and more than 1,000 product tooling:

- Automated pallet conveyance systems
- Pallet handlers with light-tight enclosures for laser trim
- Magazine loaders and unloaders
- FIFO buffers
- Automated lid load process station
- Automated capacitance/resistance measurement system
- Product pallets and magazines

Their products have proven to be very dependable. They continually run in a non-stop, three shift, high rate environment, year in, year out with very little down time.

Electrical and mechanical interfaces to our other specialized equipment is seamless and all their systems are extensively documented.

Roland W.