CM1000-01/02 Pre-heat/Post-cool Module

Pre-heat/Post-cool Module

The CM1000-01/02 is a stand alone, in-line conveyor that is configured for heating or cooling Micro-electronic/Hybrid packages. The system is integrated with lift and clamp tooling that is capable of pre-heating your parts to process temperature to avoid delays in the process station, or to cool parts in a post-heated process to allow operators to handle parts comfortably. The heavy duty steel frame and on-board PLC allows for easy integration of special tooling and hardware to meet your specific process needs. The system can also be integrated with Bar Code Readers for data logging. In addition, it can be configured as a single, dual, or three stage conveyor with lengths up to 48 inches for buffering
of product.

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Features and specifications.

Handling Capabilities
Variable Speed Motor Drives
Downstream Sensor Stop

Left to Right Flow Standard
ESD Safe

Facility Requirements
Optional Features