1110U/D Magazine Handler

1110 U/D Magazine Handler

The 1110U Magazine Un-loader and 1110D Magazine Loader are designed to remove unprocessed devices from loaded magazines and onto a manufacturing line or into a processing cell and feed processed parts back into empty magazines. Martek Automation's 1110 U/D sets the standard for small footprint, high capacity magazine handling equipment.

Our magazine handlers are SMEMA compatible and configurable for many different types of magazines. Sizes range from widths as little as 2 inches up to 6 inches; and lengths up to 12 inches.

We have experience feeding all types of devices form small packages on Auer type or machined carriers to individual PCB's and ceramic substrates. Heavy duty welded steel frame construction is used for maximum rigidity and reliability.

Special Features include the ability to load and unload magazines on the fly for uninterrupted production, and the ability to pause the machine for reloading.

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